Reflections and the BBC

Last week I got a mail from June Christie. She said that she worked for the BBC and had read my blog entry on the Moon Landings in 1969 and would like to interview me for the Outlook Programme of the BBC. I was taken aback. I know that some of my friends and students do read my blog, (they sometimes email me about it) but the BBC? Somebody had to be pulling my leg. I was wondering whether it was Rakesh or maybe Yachna ?
However I did reply and yes, after a couple of mails going to and fro I realized it was indeed the BBC , really ,and I was interviewed by Matthew Bannister who asked the questions over the phone from London while my responses were recorded by their Kuala Lumpur correspondent. I can only tell you that I felt very very important.
So if you people out there tune in to the outlook on the BBC world service radio on the 20th (I think,) you will be able to hear me!!!
Unless of course somebody edits me out!!!!


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