It has been some time since I last wrote my blog. The reason has been some changes that have taken place in my life. I have moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to take up a job in clinical research. I will be working with a stem cell company, coordinating research in what is a new and very exciting field.
Why did I move? I am not so sure myself. While I was making large amounts of money from practice, it had totally ceased to be challenging. I could see myself doing the same operations for years on end and earning larger and larger sums of money. Fortunately our needs seem to be a lot less than most of our friends and we are fairly satisfied with our lot, so that it was possible for me to take up a new challenge, which hopefully would be more intellectually satisfying.
I leave behind many dreams which I could not realize. I had hoped to be able to set up a cardiac centre in Siliguri which really needs one such centre. I spent a lot of my time running from pillar to post at the level of the Government and the Siliguri Municipal Corporation. I have come to the conclusion that the powers that be are not interested in such a facility. Possibly there are many more important things that they feel are needed, but I cannot but feel a sense of disappointment.
Another thing that I would have liked to do was to set up an insurance system for the poor. I have seen it time and again that a critical illness can impoverish even a middle class family and can tilt a poorer farmer's family into poverty by forcing them to sell off their land. It is possible to set up an insurance system to look after their needs and this has been done in several parts of the country. However West Bengal remains unique in the cost and incompetence of its health care delivery system..
I hope to be back in a couple of years time this time able to please myself about the type of work I do and try once more to do things that I failed to do this time around.
However what is to be done about the name of my blog? My readers who are few, but fortunately loyal, want me to change the name. I however would like to wait a while. You never know, I may want to come back to Siliguri which is one of the best places I have lived in a few months time! (My family is staying behind in Siliguri). So let’s take it from there.
However the next blogs are going to from KL, Malaysia.


Nipon said…
Wow! It's indeed great news that you have ventured to take up a really exciting job. A little disappointing though that you won't be around in slg but I am glad that I have already met you and come to know you!

Please change the blog name to something more generalised and not bound to finite geographical limits!
Sajiv Kapoor said…
Congrats for taking up such a challenging assignment! I know that only people who are destined for greater things in life would leave a cushy job and opt for such an assignment where you would have to relearn a lot of things. In my opinion, change is the elixir of life. If there was no change, life would become so boring. We have only one life so let's live it up!

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