The Elections

I always take my time before commenting on public events. So I have not yet added my two paise bit to the analyses of the election. I have no analysis to offer. I could never understand why the people of West Bengal voted in the communists year after year with unfailing regularity. In my book any sensible electorate would have shown them the door a long time back. However this time they have, but somehow I am unable to feel too pleased about it. The reason is that they have done it for all the wrong reasons. They have voted for the TMC , not because that they expect them to do anything about the failures of the Communist regime, but because they expect them to continue all the policies that they had followed for the past thirty years with disastrous results. Imagine this woman’s first act as a Railway Minister was to announce a Rs 20 monthly ticket for people who have never bought a ticket in their lives. Is it practical to expect them to buy tickets where there is no method of policing whether they have bought one or not? To a hawker or a vegetable seller, Rs 20 a month is an amount that they would rather save when there is no danger that they would be hauled up for travelling without a ticket. I now expect a competitive transfer of railway resources from Bihar to Bengal. Three successive nitwits from Bihar had, as rail ministers, done what they could to convert the railways to a Bihari monopoly. All Class III ansd IV jobs were taken in the main by their desh wali bhais No matter how thuggish the Thackerays may be, they were absolutely correct in their diagnosis that all railway jobs were being channeled to Bihar. This has led to bloody riots in the past and will do so in the future. Only one good thing is that Bengali youths may get some government jobs where they can spend the rest of their life never working.
Or maybe I am wrong. After all Subrata Mukherjee was the best mayor Calcutta had in many a day. But it is also ominous to remember that Madam Bannerjee was not at all happy with his work. So one can expect the ministers to do what SHE wants, which is to channelize government resources to her supporters. It may be a good thing, it is time that Bengal got some of the goodies that other states have made their monopoly. But as always, the Bengali will never be as shameless as you have to be to take full advantage of this opportunity. I can confidently expect our friends from adjoining states resident in Bengal to take a lion’s share of the spoils.
But at an all India level, I am sure that even L K Advani is happy that the 10-20 MP kings, all of whom were seeing pipedreams of Prime Ministership have been shown the door. I could not control my mirth at the thought of Lalu. RamVilas, the Empress of Poe Garden and the Diamond Queen of the Dalits all standing around Manmohan Singh offering their support. I only hope that metastases get Sharad Pawar before the next election so that he can create no more mischief.
I hope that the young men and women who are getting a look in as ministers do something that might distinguish them from the oldies.
And Guess what? NO MORE ARJUN SINGH!!!!
And Prakash “fathead “Karat managed to shoot himself in the foot again!
Long live the Indian Electorate!!!


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