Uttar Banga Anath Ashram ( contd)

I had blogged some time ago about the Uttar Banga Anath Ashram. The blog is here.
Nipon had offered to construct a website for this sop that we could collect donations for the Ashram which lives from hand to mouth. I am glad to say that the blog and Nipon’s website has had a number of hits and we have several prospective donors who are eager to help.See it here:
I am really happy that this could happen. All credit goes to Nipon who spared the time to set up the website. He is a medical student and as all past and present medical students know, time is something that is really difficult to find. However he is shrugging off all credit, though I know how important his role has been.
I also talked to some people today and many are willing to help. It looks like there a a lot of people around with large hearts!


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