A century, no less!!

I suddenly realized that this is the hundredth post in Reflections. When I first started this blog, back in July 2008, I never thought that I would reach this magic number. As blogs go it is not very old, but I am reasonably proud of the fact that I have written almost weekly for the past three years.
The idea of a blog arose when I came up with Niponwave when trawling the net. I was very interested to find that the blogger was a second year medical student at the North Bengal Medical College. Nipon was the inspiration for this blog and ever since he has helped me with the nitty gritties, taught me how to negotiate the difficulties that I face. In one of his own posts Nipon has drawn a distinction between those who came into this technology from “birth” as it were against those who came into it later, like me. For those of us who started seriously using computers only about ten years ago and that too at the ripe old age of 40+ some things are very difficult. However with help from Nipon and his like, we get by!
The first post was on the famous confidence vote in Parliament when Manmohan Singh showed the left the door. It was the first time that the CPI(M) had firmly been showed its place in the larger scheme of things in 20 years and the larger than life image that they had and still to some extent maintain ,thanks to their media links got a battering.
Subsequently I have written on many things, refusing to be tied down to topics that I know a lot about. Western music, politics, the history of Calcutta and medical education, I have written about all this and more, to a smattering of praise and often a deafening silence from my readers, if any.
The blog was initially named Siliguri Post when I was based in Siliguri. When I moved to Kuala Lumpur, a change of name was inevitable and I sometimes regret that I chose such a predictable and often used name like Reflections. But now it seems a familiar friend and I would be loath to let it go.
I sometimes wonder if anybody reads it, however some signs are encouraging. I see that at the last count there are 17 followers. At least 17 people do! Some of them are of course close friends of mine who have to read it under pain of my displeasure. But in recent times I have noticed that many people whom I do not know have joined as followers. This is encouraging to say the least.
I once tried to monetize it, as they say in the lingo. Unfortunately, the application that does monetize the blogs refused to have anything with me and that is why my blog has no advertisements. It is not that I have anything against it. Maybe I will get Nipon to help me there sometime!!
So here is to the next century. To all of you out there thank you so very much.


Nipon said…
Great going sir! Congrats are in order! And thanks for the mention :) 100 is by no means a small number! That's some energy!

Before we take up monetizing and such issues, may I suggest moving to a more professional-looking self-hosted environment? :)
Unknown said…
Really, is it already 100? Congrats!
it is really nice to read about different issues,as your blogs have been. Good , indifferent but definitely the issues have been varied and never repetitive.
y-axis! said…
congratulations! now i feel silly that i crossed my 100th post without knowing about it. keep up the good work.
I think your blog is really amaziong! You are always giving so many new ideas and I hope it will continue in the future.
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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