Why Modi Will Become the Prime Minister of India

This post is reblogged from the blog Kafila It is written by Uzair Belgami
I hope it proves to be slight antidote to the ad nauseum pro Modi propaganda that we are havinng to endure from the Indian media. The only problem is that it is longer than 200 words, which will probably make it difficult for most netziens to read!

I have been reading around of late and was surprised to see that there are actually still some people who think there is still a chance that Narendra Modi will not become PM of this country in 2014. Hah! Must be those minorities, or those Secularists, or those Communists who are saying and thinking this – all are Pakistan-lovers, Leftists and anti-nationals. I felt it is necessary I deal with these people through this article, in order to deal the ‘final blow’ before the elections. Modi-ji shall bring an end to corruption in this land. He is the sole answer to those Congress thieves who have looted our motherland for 10 years! Scam after scam has been witnessed under this Congress led government, it is time they went out and Modi-ji came in, to be the strong lion that he is and stop corruption completely. I know some pesky people will now point out that Modi has ensured that the Lokayukta post in Gujarat was empty for 10 full years, since 2003; that he arrogantly disregarded three consecutive Supreme Court judgments to ensure Justice Mehta could not take up the post; the Modi government was indicted for undue favors to large corporates and as a result was blasted by a CAG report for causing losses of more than Rs. 5000 crore; that Gujarat leads India in the number of attacks and murders of RTI activists exposing state corruption or complicity in riots; and that there have been almost 6000 farmer suicides in the past 12 years. They will highlight the corruption and prejudice in the administration & police departments with strings of fake encounters leading to implication of top-brass police officials and even Modi’s right-hand man Amit Shah. They say that it cannot be possible that all these crimes could happen under Modi’s nose without his direct knowledge. They bring the statement of the implicated DIG Vanzara, who writes that the CBI must “arrest the policy formulators also, as we, being field officers, have simply implemented the conscious policy of this government, which was inspiring, guiding and monitoring our actions from very close quarters.” These people say that in terms of economic policies, the BJP and Congress are different sides of the same coin – and shall inevitably bring in ‘crony capitalism’ in our country. But we all know, these ill-informed people and all these claims are prejudiced and biased. Finally, I shall present the best argument in the words of our future PM himself here: Modi-ji is single, he doesn’t even have any family; hence he will never be corrupt! Simple logic. End of argument.

Bolo: corporates aur gundagiri ki raaj ke liye hum tayyar…

Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar!

And just look at the development of Modi’s Gujarat! There is no State in the world that can match its progress and development. The roads of Ahmedabad are marvelled at by the people from China, and the factories here are adored by Americans. Of course, there are still those people who criticize even this! I don’t know how they can manage to do this! Modi-ji has built flyovers, roads, factories, buildings; he has got investments and given land to all the big MNC’s like Reliance, Adani and Essar so that they will function from Gujarat, and thus increase the prestige of the state, even in Western countries; he has even laid the foundations of the largest statue in the world – that of Sardar Vallabhai Patel (who actually should have been the first PM – he would have set the separatists and minorities straight). Yet the anti-nationals bring claims that Modi’s development is not sustainable as now Gujarat is the third most indebted state in the country, with its debt being ₹ 1,85,310 crore, having tripled under Modi-ji. They say that Gujarat was historically a fast-growing state much before Modi, and that he has simply carried it on; with states like Bihar and Maharashtra not having that ‘historical base’, yet still progressing faster than Gujarat. Our leader, Modi-ji has electrified almost every village in Gujarat – yet these people will point out that before Modi even took over as CM, all but 170 villages were already electrified. They show social indicators like Gujarat being 11th in terms of Human Development Index, Infant Mortality Rate (12th); Poverty (15th); Hunger Index: (13th); Under-5 Mortality Rate (12th); underweight children (19th); literacy (13th) and that two-thirds of rural people defecate in the open – to show that the legendary Gujarat model of government is just a PR stunt hyped by media and not desirable for our country. They bring up these biased reports like this one from ‘Open Magazine’ which claims to show how Modi systematically uses his US-based PR agency APCO, to deceive the gullible public. Anyway, who are these academics and intellectuals to define ‘development’? And even Congress uses PR, why can’t our Modi-ji? The youth of our country, the ‘pride’ of our country – they don’t care about all this stuff! We need more big companies to get land and resources, so that we can have more jobs for us of course! Then perhaps the farmers and villagers can come to cities and earn here. After all, ‘health’ and ‘education’ in rural areas, ‘life expectancy’, ‘HDI’ etc – are these indicators actually going to really impact my life personally, as an urban youth? They are not going to bring us status in the world stage, are they? Rather, these MNC’s, their Special Economic Zones and all the flyovers, buildings and cars which Modi-ji will bring – these are what we need so that we may be ‘developed’!

Bolo: Health, Education, Sustainability – sab ko light lo yaar…

Ab ki Baar Modi Sarkar!

And finally, the infamous Gujarat riots of 2002! How can they still blame Modi-ji for this? These people are always wanting to live in the past. They keep saying that the past shall define our future, and until justice is provided our country shall never heal from polarization and violence. Nonsense! Just like Modi-ji’s true supporters mention, I too keep reminding people that even Congress-led riots occurred in 1984 against Sikhs. So why are people pointing at only Modi?

Of course, I am not trying to avoid questions over the incident by distracting with other incidents, neither am I trying to say one riot justifies another riot, really I am not! Those prejudiced people will say that after the 1984 riots the Congress members responsible like Tytler have never been given tickets again, and the leaders accused of complicity in the ‘84 riots are not prospective PM candidates of India, hence the spotlight is on Modi – but all this prejudice is irrelevant now. Why, I remember when our famous leader Yeddyurappa was convicted for corruption as CM, his famous ‘logical’ argument was the same – “all others CMs were indulging in corruption too, why are authorities catching only me?” I wish all these illogical and prejudiced people would use the same logic in case of our poor Modi-ji.

Even minorities are at peace in Gujarat, no more violence or problems for them. I saw many Gujarati Muslims are supporting Modi-ji on stage. Those traitorous activists of Gujarat, who say that these Muslims are just the business-class and traders who have been given favours by Modi’s government, are all prejudiced people! And those who comment that the Gujarati Muslims are not at peace due to their prosperity and development, but rather due to repression and fear, are surely all liars! All those people and so-called activists who are from Gujarat and claim to ‘support’ these minorities like ex-IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt, Teesta Setalvad and others are all paid Congress agents, trust me. They claim that there can be no peace without justice! See the school textbooks of BJP-led states, where Hitler and Nazism have been praised, where these Christians and Muslims have been finally revealed as ‘outsiders’ as they are – they will teach these uneducated people about how to have ‘peace’ and what the position of minorities is.

Well the final word in all this is that the SC-appointed SIT has given Modi-ji a clean chit! What more evidence they want? Yet, they still claim that the Gujarat riots could not have raged for days on end without there being clear state sponsorship and involving Modi-ji’s compliance. They bring out material like “BJP Cabinet Minister, Haren Pandya who disclosed that Modi ordered police officials to refrain from stopping the Hindu backlash, was mysteriously murdered mere months after his disclosure. The SIT refused to take his statement into account post his death, despite one High Court judge (Justice Hosbet Suresh) and one Supreme Court judge (Justice PB Sawant) vouching for the veracity of his testimony. Sworn statements and leads offered by several senior police officers such as Sanjiv Bhatt and RB Sreekumar testifying against Modi were also ignored. Former DGP of Gujarat, Sreekumar has submitted recordings of Modi’s Principal Secretary and Advocate General instructing him to lie to the Nanavati Commission about the riots, and multiple affidavits affirming Modi’s role in instructing police officers to allow the riots to take place. Sanjiv Bhatt was present at the meeting where Modi told senior officers to ‘allow the Hindus to vent their anger.’ They bring out the book “The Fiction of Fact Finding: Modi and Godhra” by the journalist, Manoj Mitta; the reports by Concerned People’s Tribunal; and the 2007 sting tapes in Tehelka which they say proves the guilt of Modi and his aides without a doubt!. They say the SC having given a ‘clean chit’ to Modi is just a “myth supported only by a gross distortion of facts. The truth is that it is only the (biased) SIT that has cleared him for lack of evidence.”

What a load of prejudice and lies! Anyway whatever it may be, riots have never again occurred in Gujarat, Modi-ji has brought peace right? These stupid people talk some nonsense, saying that it is damning on us a country that we have trivialised such violence and crimes in the face of GDP growth; and the fact that we may have a PM who is ‘supposedly’ clearly responsible for ethnic genocide is a shame on Indians and the ideals of our freedom fighters, regardless of how much ‘good governance’ skills he possesses. I can only say this: Stop dragging us in the past you silly prejudiced people with silly ideas like justice, morality, pluralism and secularism are at the heart of being Indian, and that these are more important than other things like development.

Bolo: Secularism, Morality, Justice – sab ki G***d maar,

Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar!

This time Modi will become PM. Those anti-nationals who oppose him will lose. The urban youth of our country who want development and a development model which favours them, at any cost; the middle class who believe and have blind faith in our virtuous and truthful media; the frustrated majorities all over the country who are waiting for their chance to dominate and get revenge, as they rightly should; Indians with our age-old mentality of hero worship and idolization of personalities – these are the people who shall make this happen! I have faith in them all.

Tho Bolo: jo bhi sabooth pesh karo baar-baar…

Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar!

[Uzair Belgami is a medical doctor interested in philosophy and politics]


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