Another update on GREEN. One of the projects we had taken up was the Siliguri Dumping ground near Don Bosco School. One of our members, Pratap Kedia first drew our attention this scandal. We discovered the road adjacent to the dumping ground was being used to drop waste including clinical waste. The road which was like a drain was taken by students of 5 schools in the area.All the children were passing through the area with their noses buried in their handkerchiefs! The entire place is permeated by a stink that penetrates the school premises as well.
We took this matter up as a priority and we shot a video showing the place and its effect on the local residents and the school kids. We also met the Urban Develoment
Minister who is from Siliguri and insisted that something be done. He gave us a patient hearing but we did not expect anything and were drawings up plans for a more militant movement. However we were pleasantly surprised to find that the Municipal Corporation has announced its decision to shift the dump to a place that they had already bought earlier. Why they had not shifted there before the place became a complete nuisance is a mystery. However they will be doing it and that is the main thing. Only I hope that they don’t come up with some excuse later to stop or postpone the shift. A victory for GREEN!
Check out the press coverage in on 20/8/08


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