The Olympics

Normally I hate eating my words. But this time I will do it with great pleasure. I am glad that the three musketeers of Beijing have proved me wrong in all counts. In my opinion it shows that changes are taking place at a rapid pace in small cities across the country. Bhindra’s case is different; he had the backing of his millionaire father. However the point is that infrastructure should be available for sportsmen so that they do not have to depend on individual largesse. It is now clear that even if the state fails, young men and women will make their way. If only the state helped, their life would have been so much easier. Perhaps it is the necessity for small town men to prove themselves that have made them more determined and capable of doing well. The table tennis players of Siliguri come to mind in this context.
It amazes me that while the security apparatus for politicians are the best in the world, there is no third world excuse then, the excuse of lack of money is trotted out for everything else. Why is there no Astroturf in West Bengal? –No Money.. Why is there no top quality athletic track? No money! Why do our swimmers sometimes famously practice in dirty pools? No money of course! But the Chief Minister has state of the art security equipment. Every two bit politician has top quality security. Why do they not go about with two nose picking policemen who have only a broken lathi?
There are many examples of small town boys and girls coming good in all forms of sport. It was seen in cricket, football and now in many others.. This is heartening as it proved perhaps that facilities are now developing in non metropolitan areas for excellence in sports. All corporate bodies, local governments and clubs in smaller towns should take note and lend a helping hand. We need such sportsmen emerging from Alipurduar, Tumkur, Moreng and Bilaspur. Only then will I have to eat more and more of my words.
Hats off you guys!!


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