The Confidence Vote

There may have been a lot of irregularities. It is not possible to believe that all those BJP and other opposition MPs voted against their own side out of sheer conviction that th Nuclear deal will benefit India. However i can vouch for the fact that around 70% of all people that I polled ( In an entirely unscientific manner) were pleased that our great revolutionary from the Kremlin on the Jamuna, Mr Prakash ( Fathead) Karat got his comeuppance. We can only hope that the Bengal comrades now put their foot down and tell him where to get off. It is incredible that he should ignore the needs of his own party to massage his own ego.
It is also amusing that the opposition which was so eagerly crowing about the defection from the Samajwadi party ( all of whom defected because of their conviction that the government was selling out to the Americans of course, ) became so het up when Amar Singh got into action from the other side.
One thing however, Manmohan Singh may be principled and all that , but he left it to the dirty tricks department to pull the rabbits ( read BJP MPs ) out of the hat. If he did not know that this was happening, he is unfit to rule the country. If he did, maybe the Good doctor is not as simple and academic as he pretends to be.
All in all a fantastic entertainment show. Much better than those idiotic Hindi movies and watching the Lankans thrash us to smithereens.


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