I have recently become a founder member of an organisation that plans to highlight environmental issues in Siliguri. Rather unoriginally we have named it GREEN. We are about 40 strong and in the two months or so of our existence we have scored one minor success. We have managed to persuade all the residents of Green Valley, the apartment complex where we live to stop using plastic bags.We also talked to the management of the Cosmos Mall, the largest and the most hip hangout in Siliguri to stop plastic usage in the Mall. This made it to the newspapers, Check it out at
We will be planting10,000 trees in a space provided to us by the Army Authorities near Sukna, This function is scheduled for the 3rd August and is likely to be attended by the Corps Commander( a bigwig, i am told).
We have a website, rather basic, though we have plans. Visit us at


Indrani said…
Hello Apuda,

I am so proud of your endeavors to raise awareness about conserving our precious environment. Thank you for sharing your blog. It truly gave me a glimpse into your day-to-day life.

Take care,

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